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In-ground Hot Tubs: Installation Costs

Just about everyone is familiar with those square or sometimes round portable hot tubs that are sold at dealers, but some people prefer a custom look that can be achieved by building an in-ground spa. With an in-ground spa, you can get a hot tub that perfectly matches your home, landscaping, and other amenities. The problem with in ground spas is the cost. Due to the excavation and extensive electrical and plumbing systems that must be made to order for a custom-built spa, it can come to 2/3rds the cost of installing an entire swimming pool (also see swimming pool cost estimates). 

If you do want an in-ground spa, and you're thinking of building a swimming pool as well, the most cost-effective way to do the installation is to build both at the same time. This is really the only way that an inground spa makes sense from a financial standpoint.

If the reason you aren't considering a portable spa is that you think they stick out on a deck or you just don't like the look, you can always build the deck up to the level of the top of the spa in order to disguise the clunkiness. Other options are some tall potted plants to hide the walls or an arbor or a gazebo to shelter the spa.

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