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Above Ground Pools: Benefits

Above ground swimming pools are changing from the less desirable alternative to in-ground swimming pools to something that makes a lot of sense. More people are turning to them for many reasons. "Malibu Pool Man" (and author of The Ultimate Guide to Above-Ground Pools), Terry Tamminen, says even the Hollywood stars are choosing aboveground pools these days. He has a number of reasons for recommending them to even his wealthy clients, who could certainly afford in-ground pools if they wished. Here are some of the benefits of above-ground pools Tamminen gives:
  • Above ground swimming pools, once lacking in originality and features, can now offer just about everything their in-ground siblings can. Lap pools, spas, big recreational pools, just about everything is doable, and it's much cheaper than the same size pool in an inground variety.
  • Above ground pools can go with you when you move. 
  • If you decide you need a bigger or perhaps a smaller pool later on (maybe after the kids move out), it's not a big deal to sell your above ground pool and buy a newer model. With in-ground pools, you're pretty much stuck with that hole in the ground short of some major (read: expensive) renovations.
  • All in all, aboveground pools are easier and cheaper to maintain than their in-ground counterparts. This is especially true when searching for and repairing leaks.

If you're thinking of buying a pool soon, you can often find discounts from online dealers (not to mention more variety to choose from than the local store that's limited to showroom stock). Here are a few places that sell above ground pools online:


For more information, you can try Tamminen's book: Ultimate Guide to Above-Ground Pools.

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