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Choosing Poolside Plants

Once you add a swimming pool, your backyard quickly becomes the main attraction for friends and family. It's natural to want to perk it up with a little landscaping. If you're planning to plant near the pool, there are some things to take into consideration.

Since swimming pool maintenance is always a dreary task, don't make things harder on yourself by choosing messy plants that delight in tossing leaves, fruit, or petals into your water. Tiny leaves, in particular, can clog your pool's filter.

You'll also want to avoid plants with invasive or extensive roots that can trouble the underground plumbing or cause the deck to buckle.

Since plants may be splashed with chlorinated water, look for plants that are not very sensitive to swimming pool chemicals. Some plants that are able to grow well near pools are ornamental grasses, junipers, treasure flowers, daylilies, and Atlas Cedars. What you can grow will depend on your climate. Ask at your local gardening center for information pertinent to your area or consult The American Horticulture Society Heat-Zone Map.

You may consider potted plants instead of beds to minimize installation efforts. You can find tubs that are large enough to support shrubs or small trees.

You may want to avoid fragrant plants, as they can attract bees.

Stick with low-maintenance plants that don't require a lot of care, especially chemical treatments that could get in the water.

Source: Pools & Spas 


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