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Keep Your Hot Tub Clean Longer

Hot tubs can be more troublesome to keep clean and clear than swimming pools. This is basically because you've got a much smaller amount of water you're dealing with. You'll probably have to change your water every 2-3 months regardless, but following the following tips can help you get the most out of each change of water.

Preventative measures to keep your hot tub water clean:
  • Test your water at least three times a week, more often if your hot tub is used on a daily basis. Keep up with your chemical balancing.
  • Have your family take a quick shower before hopping in the tub. Innocuous things like deodorants and perfumes can torment your water chemistry.
  • "Shock" your hot tub regularly with something like OxySpa or Renew to oxidize contaminants.
  • Regularly wipe down the waterline and keep nearby surfaces clean of any crime.
  • Regularly clean your filter (replace it annually or more often with heavy usage).
  • Don't go in the hot tub with open wounds or sores.

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