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Cleaning a Barbecue Grill

Cleaning your barbecue grill on a regular basis is important to keep your food tasting its best. To properly prepare your grill, you should start with a clean slate. Dump any ashes that are leftover from last season (or last night's hamburgers), then wash out the lid and firebox, using warm water and soap. Take on sticky stains with a steel-wool soap pad. After it's clean, rinse everyone off thoroughly.

Next, you should light a fire and let it heat the grate for approximately 30 minutes. After that, use a brass-wire brush to scrape down the grate. (You should actually use the brush before and after every meal you grill--this keeps things from building up and makes cleaning the barbecue grill easier when the time comes.)

When it's time to put away the barbecue for the year, clean out the ashes and close the lid. Let any grease on the grate stay there until the next spring; it can help prevent the formation of rust over the winter.

Source: Winter 2005 issue of Home Appliance

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