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Choosing Wood for Your Deck

A deck is an addition to your house that will last for years. It's important to pick wood that will look good not only today, but in 10 years.

The most popular deck building materials are natural woods such as cedar, redwood, and treated lumber. Cedar and redwood are often chosen because they naturally repel insects and rot. Southern yellow pine is also popular when treated with a preservative.

Due to changes in the lumber-treatment industry in the last few years, new treatment materials have been introduced, making other choices viable. You'll want to ensure the lumber you choose is rated for decks.

There are also some alternatives to straight wood. Some of the newer deck materials combine recycled plastics with wood by-products. These materials may have special installation requirements, but in the long run, they do not require much maintenance and are long-lasting.

Source: Design Ideas for Decks

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