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What Happened to My Chlorine?

Does it seem like the sanitizer in your swimming pool or hot tub is being eaten up faster than normal? Here are a few factors that can affect the balance of chlorine or bromine in your water:

Sunlight weakens chlorine, so you will go through it faster in the summer months.

High water temperature (over 85) shortens the life of many pool chemicals, so you may notice that chlorine does not last as long in your hot tub as it does in your swimming pool.

Bather load largely affects the amount of chlorine in the water. If your swimming pool or hot tub is getting a lot of use, you will have to replenish your sanitizer more often.

Poor weather such as wind and rain can drop unwanted material into your pool or spa which reduces the effectiveness of your sanitizer. Pool and spa covers can help with this problem.

Make sure you monitor pH and total alkalinity daily so you can keep them balanced. High pH slows down the disinfectant effectiveness of many chemicals while at low pH levels, sanitizers are eaten up quicker. Low total alkalinity makes it hard to maintain a balanced pH.

Source: Pools & Spas

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