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Keep Predators Away from Your Outdoor Fish

Predators can be a real pain with a koi pond or populated water garden. They can strike in the form of cats, raccoons, and fish-eating birds. Here are a couple of ways to help keep predators away from your water garden:

You can buy a motion-detector system attached to a sprinkler to spray intruders. This may be only a temporary solution, however, as predators realize the water is harmless.

Scarecrows and imitation owls similarly have initial success, but the effect may wear off.

A barking dog that lives in the backyard will help scare away scavengers.

A low-voltage electric fence around the property will keep away animals like raccoons. You can set such a fence on a timer to turn off during daylight hours (to avoid shocking children and pets).

Source: All about Building Waterfalls, Pools, and Streams

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