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Fire Pits Have Many Uses.

Fire pits give you that campfire feeling in your own backyard. Though many portable fire pits are available today, the traditional backyard fire pit is custom-built from stone, brick, or concrete, usually rising a foot or two off the ground. Both round and square configurations are popular. In the past, most fire pits burned wood, and that is still an option today. However, you can also rig up a gas line to your fire pit. Gas fire pits can look and feel real with ceramic logs or fake glowing coals. 

Though most people favor a custom-built fire pit, it can be a costly undertaking. They're also quite permanent, so if your budget is a consideration or you like the idea of being able to take your campfire with you, you may want to consider a portable fire pit.

According to Sunset's Ideas for Great Fireplaces, "a freestanding fire pit of metal (usually high-carbon steel) may burn wood, propane gas from a hidden tank, or gel alcohol." Fire pits can be round, square, or teepee-shaped and will usually come with a "surround of metal mesh to keep sparks from flying out, with doors you can open."

Uses for Fire Pits:
  • Whether gas-powered or wood-burning, the open nature of a fire pit lends itself well to a grill.
  • The warmth of a fire pit can extend your outdoor entertaining months all the way into the winter season.
  • The simple ambience of an outdoor fire can be reason enough for many people to build a fire pit.

Online dealers that sell portable fire pits:
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