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Gazebos Can Increase the Value of Your Home

If you've been trying to think of a backyard project that can both provide a bit of shade and increase the value of your home, a gazebo might be a good bet. The word "gazebo" comes from the words "gaze about," and it can make the perfect place to sit and relax and enjoy your yard. 

Gazebos, sometimes also referred to as alcoves, garden temples, kiosks, or summerhouses, have a long history. The first gazebos appeared in Ancient Greece and Rome where they were built of marble in the style of small temples of the time. Because of their elegance, gazebos became focal points both in public areas and private homes. Your gazebo need not be made out of marble, but it can become a pleasant focal point to your backyard.

Gazebos are not built just to look at, though. While the function of your gazebo will vary depending on size, it can be anything from a romantic spot for two to a shaded entertaining area where you can grill and serve drinks.

Beyond providing a cozy spot for you and your family, gazebos can also increase the value of your home. If you've read some of those reports on how homeowners rarely recoup their financial investment in home improvement projects (the amount a certain project increases the value of the house is not equal to the amount spent on it in the first place), you may be wondering if a gazebo makes sense from a financial standpoint. According to 101 Cost-effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home, a professional-looking wooden gazebo (you can get kits to ensure your gazebo ends up looking "professional") can have high impact on potential buyers. For every dollar spent on a gazebo project, you can expect a positive return of 10-50 cents extra.

There are a couple reasons gazebos impress potential homeowners. First off, like decks and patios, they extend the home's outdoor living and entertaining area. Outdoor living is extremely popular right now, and that is a trend that looks to continue into the future. Also, gazebos are still fairly rare, so their uniqueness makes them even more appealing. They can really give character to a backyard and leave a lasting impression on visitors. 

Gazebo Kits Available Online

14ft Octagon Panelized Gazebo Kit
10x10 ft. Square Panelized Gazebo
10x13 ft. PreCut Teahouse Oval Gazebo

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