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Granite Rock--Best Choice for Landscaping?

Granite is a popular choice for homeowners working on landscaping projects because it is one of the hardest, most durable landscape stones. It is also a handsome stone with an interesting texture. Granite rock is formed by cooling magma in subterranean pockets, and it gets its rich variety of colors and textures from the quartz and other minerals that become embedded in the stone. Because of this, granite will vary in its colors and patterns quite a bit depending on where the stone was quarried. This gives homeowners quite a bit of variety to choose from when planning their landscaping projects.

Colors & Finishes

Granite rock can range in color from light to black with all sorts of in between such as brown, green, golden, red and even blends of pink.

There are a number of different finishes available as Granite is popular for numerous uses. Shiny polished finishes look good on countertops, but probably aren't what you want in your backyard. Tumbled granite has a rough and weathered appearance that works well with cobblestone paths or walls. The flamed finish is often used on cut blocks or steppers, basically anywhere nonslip walking surfaces are preferable.

Granite in Landscaping

The versatility of granite makes it popular in many different projects. Some of its typical landscaping uses are: pavers, wall blocks, cut blocks, landscape boulders, cobblestones, and stone steppers.

Granite Costs

Granite varies a lot in price, so it is difficult to make generalizations about the cost of the rock in your area. (Although there are quarries throughout much of the United States and Canada, there won't necessarily be one next-door to you, and distance from the quarry will increase the price.) Cut granite is much more expensive than rough blocks. Exotic patterns and colors will also demand higher prices.

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