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Making Your Pool Accessible for People with Disabilities

Since swimming has therapeutic benefits, backyard pools can be great additions for more than simply entertaining the neighborhood kids. They make sense as a low impact way to strengthen muscles or just relax. Swimming, water walking, or water aerobics can be ideal for people with physical disabilities or injuries. In order to make a residential swimming pool accessible to all, there are a few methods that may work for you.

Ways to Make a Pool Handicap Accessible:
  • For in-ground swimming pools, ramps that gradually descend from the deck to the bottom of the swimming pool are ideal. It is easiest to build such a ramp at the same time as you build the rest of swimming pool, and it can replace more traditional steps. Be sure to add a handrail to offer support for those who need help navigating the ramp.
  • If you already have a pool, and remodeling to allow for a permanent ramp isn't feasible, you can get portable ramps that descend from the deck into the water. These ramps can work well for people who use an aquatic wheelchair.
  • For above ground swimming pools, ramps aren't always doable. Electronic lifts are a relatively affordable alternative. With lifts, you simply sit in the seat and it hoists you up over the wall and into the pool.
  • Ladders can be made more accessible, too. You can get wider ladders with more closely spaced rungs.

For any sort of semi-permanent fixture, you'll probably want to consult with a swimming pool contractor. Look for a contractor who has experience designing pools and accessories for people with physical disabilities.

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