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Planning Your Hot Tub: Location

One of the earliest things you need to think about when you are planning to buy a portable hot tub is if you have an appropriate place to put it or if you have to do a little work in the backyard before hand. Here are some things to consider:

Hot tubs are very heavy. Don't be fooled by the word "portable". Empty, even a relatively small hot tub will weigh hundreds of pounds. When it's full of water, it will weigh thousands. A hot tub isn't something you just want to set down on a wood deck or in the dirt. If there is not a place in your yard that can support that much weight, consider pouring a cement pad.

Regulations may vary depending on where you live, but you're probably going to have to dig a trench and bury the power cable leading to your hot tub, so consider that when you are planning. The closer you put your hot tub to the house and the fuse box, the less digging you have to do (note: many larger hot tubs require 220 volt service--this may mean installing an extra line).

Some people think hot tub use is only for the summer, but sitting in that steaming water and watching the snow fall is very cozy. Traversing across half the yard in your swimming suit may not be appealing in that kind of weather, though. If you are planning to use your hot tub year around, you may want to station it close to a door to the house.

Likewise, if it rains often where you live, you may want to build a gazebo or some kind of roof over your hot tub.

Don't forget the little things when you plan. Are you going to want a drink holder? Some place to put your newspaper when you're done reading it? Towel racks? Think about the area around your hot tub as well as your hot tub when you are planning.

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