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Hot Tubs for Fitness/Physical Therapy

Many people think residential hot tubs are only for relaxation or entertaining. The truth is there are hot tubs available that are perfect for physical therapy or regular exercise (they can also be used for relaxation and entertaining). These fitness-minded hot tubs can be divided into two groups: swim spas and hot tubs that come with optional or built-in exercise equipment.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are basically treadmills for swimmers. An adjustable current pushes against you so that you swim in place. Thus you're able to get a good workout without devoting a huge amount of space in your home or yard to a lap pool. Swim spas are usually longer and deeper than regular hot tubs, but they come with jets and seating and can be used for relaxation as well as swimming.

Though swim spas can be a good idea for those who like to swim, fitness in the hot tub isn't limited to swimming.

Hot Tubs with Optional/Built-in Exercise Equipment

According to "What Is Your Hot Tub Personality?" (An article from the May 2005 issue of Pool & Spa Living), some hot tub manufacturers offer "built-in or optional exercise equipment, including a rowing system, resistance bands and other tools to help users build strength, condition the body and improve range of motion." 

This sort of setup is ideal for physical therapy (sometimes called hydrotherapy). Exercising in the water strengthens muscles gently, without the jarring impact on your joints that can come from many land-based exercises. Plus, the warm water of the hot tub creates a comfortable zone for the muscles to work in. After your workout, the soothing jets can be just what the doctor ordered.

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