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Knee Pads for Gardeners, Now We’re Thinking

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

gardener knee padsYou may be a fan of gardening, but chances are kneeling in wet grass or on a concrete walkway to attend your plants or vegetables isn’t that fun. It can be hard on your knees after a while. That’s doubtlessly why someone thought to invent special knee pads just for gardeners.

These pads from Fiskars have comfortable cushions to protect your knees from moisture, cold, and rough terrain. They are made from EVA foam that isn’t supposed to absorb water, and the double adjustable straps should let them fit anybody’s legs.

The price is $15 from the Brands Place.

Cantilever Umbrella Offers Shade for the Backyard

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

cantilever umbrellaIf you live in a warm climate, some summer-time shade is a must if you want to spend time out in the backyard or on the deck. It’s easy to find patio umbrellas that are designed to be thrust into the center of a patio table, but what if you want some shade elsewhere in the yard? Perhaps you want to lounge by the pool or just sit and read, but you don’t have any appropriately placed trees to block out the sun. Here’s a way to make shade anywhere in the yard.

This cantilever umbrella is designed to stand off to one side of your chair. It has a vertical tilt feature and an adjustment knob, so you can angle it just right to block out the sun. Available from Ballard Designs, the umbrella costs $449.00 - $479.00.

Circular Skewers for Grilling Shish-kabobs

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

circular skewersShish-kabobs are a fun alternative to steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers when it’s time to come up with meals suitable for preparation on the grill. You can stick your favorite veggies or even fruits (pineapple anyone?) on them, add chunks of fish, chicken, beef, or other meat, and douse it all with a good marinade or barbeque sauce. Yummy.

You can add convenience by getting your own set of stainless steel skewers (not that the slivers from those bamboo throw-away ones aren’t great…). If you do buy your own, don’t feel confined by the usual straight sticks. Why not try something fun? These circle kabob sticks are available online from Uncommon Goods. A set of 8 costs $18.

Circle Shish-kabob Skewers