No More Garden Gnomes! This Statue Says So…

anti-garden-gnome statueWhat is it with all those silly garden gnomes invading the yards of homes across America, anyway? If you’re with me and can’t imagine why anyone would decorate with such a thing, then you might get a kick out of this little statue. It features two “gnome-be-gone” creatures carting off one of your typical garden gnomes.

“Watch with amusement as the one and only Gnome-Be-Gone frees your garden of a kitsch little Euro invader. Who does he think he is, wearing tiny red dunce caps and pushing inefficient wooden wheelbarrows? Tuck a few made-in-the-USA Gnome-Be-Gones into your flowerbeds and watch the demented yard goblins get toted away.”

The price for the little statue is $125 from Uncommon Goods.


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