Glass Frog Windchimes Perk up Yard

glass frog wind chimesLooking for some fun decorations for your yard? Wind chimes can be nice, since they add an audible element as well as a bit of eye candy. Don’t feel you have to settle for your typical chimes made from wood and metal though. If you do a little searching, you can find some that suit your tastes perfectly.

These fused glass wind chimes are perfect for the frog lover (more people love frogs than you’d think).

The hand-crafted piece is available through Etsy for $45:

“I made this windchime by handcutting stained glass in greens,yellows, red, black, and white and then fusing them together in my kiln to create an cute little frog! There are 7 separate fused glass strips that form the chimes. They were drilled by me, wire was attached and strung from a wooden dowell to hang the piece. ”


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