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Bamboo Fence Panels Create Privacy for Your Garden

Friday, December 1st, 2006

bamboo fencesYou spent the spring and the summer creating the perfect garden, complete with a seating area where you can bask in the back-to-nature feel surrounding you. The only problem? The neighbor’s second story back deck and kitchen window look right out over your yard. It’s hard to feel relaxed when your privacy is in question. And nude sun-bathing is right out. That is unless you fence yourself off a bit.

A fence can be purely functional, but as long as you’re spending money, why not get something that is as much a piece of art as your garden? I love the bamboo fence panels from Master Garden Products. They come in several different designs and sizes made up of various patterns. The panels shown here feature vertical and horizontal bamboo accented with eye-catching black bamboo lattices on the top. The fence panels provide privacy, but they’re also attractive enough to make them feel like a natural extension of the garden.

Master Garden Products