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Jacuzzi J-210 Circular Hot Tub

Monday, November 20th, 2006

jacuzzi hot tubIf you’ve never gone hot tubbing in the winter with the snow falling, you’re missing out. This is a great time of year to buy a new hot tub. The J-210 from Jacuzzi is small, with a circular footprint that saves space, so you could easily fit it on a deck or patio (or even indoors) without taking on extensive renovations. Despite it’s smaller size, the spa can fit 4 bathers comfortably.

This is one of Jacuzzi’s smallest, most affordable models, and it doesn’t come with a lot of expensive extras, but you can always accessorize if you have more to spend. You can get a built-in TV, stereo, automatic cover lifter, and other hot tub indulgences.

Ford F-250 “Tiki Truck”… Hot Tub on Board

Friday, November 10th, 2006

pimp my hot tub When I decided to add a “hot tub and spa” category to this blog, I figured I’d be writing about the latest and greatest models for the backyard (and I do plan on making the majority of the posts about that…), but how about this Ford F-250 “Tiki Truck”? The hot tub is built into the bed of the truck (one does wonder how the jets are powered and the water kept warm), so you can take your spa to your next tailgating party.

The “portable island paradise” was created by Galpin Auto Sports, the team that’s put together many of the shall we say unique vehicles on MTV’s Pimp My Ride show. Behind the hot tub is a giant tiki head with a waterfall that flows into the spa, which is big enough to hold four bathers. It’s all surrounded by a beautiful teak wood deck, so we’re talking high style (high cost) here.