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Funky Hose Reel (er, Roll) Adds Whimsy to Yard

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

hose rollIf your current method of hose storage (probably a hook dealie on the side of the house) is a little too mundane, check out the hose roll.

Peter D’Alessandro’s funky hose storage gadget offers an alternative to your standard reel. As the creator writes, “The Hoseroll offers a practical storage solution for the garden hose, as well as being an ever-changing garden sculpture.” I bet the dogs will have fun punting it around the yard too.

It looks like it’s just a design concept on his site now, though, so you probably won’t be able to pick it up at Kmart this summer.

Hose Reel

A Garden Stepping Stone with a Sense of Humor

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

humorous stepping stoneIf you’re looking for a gift (Hey, Mother’s Day isn’t that far off) for an irreverent gardener (or maybe someone who doesn’t bother with lawn maintenance at all), this cute stepping stone could be a fun one.

“Weeds for Sale, Pick Your Own.”

How many people’s yards does that describe well?

The stepping stone is for sale at the Online Discount Mart for $20.

Knee Pads for Gardeners, Now We’re Thinking

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

gardener knee padsYou may be a fan of gardening, but chances are kneeling in wet grass or on a concrete walkway to attend your plants or vegetables isn’t that fun. It can be hard on your knees after a while. That’s doubtlessly why someone thought to invent special knee pads just for gardeners.

These pads from Fiskars have comfortable cushions to protect your knees from moisture, cold, and rough terrain. They are made from EVA foam that isn’t supposed to absorb water, and the double adjustable straps should let them fit anybody’s legs.

The price is $15 from the Brands Place.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler = Humane Pest Control for Your Garden

Monday, January 29th, 2007

motion-activated sprinkler for pest controlAre you tired of everything from raccoons to deer to dogs trampling on and chewing up your garden? Or maybe you’ve just got an alley cat that likes to “sing” on the fence every night. You can use chemical-based pest control products, but for something more humane this motion-sensing sprinkler might work.

Available for $80 from Amazon, the Contech CRO 101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler can detects intruders as small as rabbits and squirrels. When these creatures are spotted, the system turns on, sending a 3-second blast of water from your garden hose at the target. Since it only uses 3 cups of water at a time, it’s not likely to leave your lawn water-soaked. It may just help protect your yard and garden from unwelcome guests though.

Contech Scarecrow Sprinkler