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In-Ground Spas vs. Aboveground Hot Tubs

Aboveground Hot Tubs 

Though aboveground hot tubs, also called portable hot tubs, do not offer quite as much design freedom as in-ground spas, there are a huge variety of manufacturers and designers, so you have quite a range to choose from.

With portable hot tubs, size can range from two-person models to eight-person models. Height usually does not go above 3 ft. (so delivery people can turn the hot tub on its side and fit it through doorways), but length and width on a large hot tub can measure up to about 7 by 9 ft.

Jet design is the area where aboveground hot tubs really shine. A hot tub may contain anywhere from 22 to more than 40 jets depending on size. These jets often have different sizes, intensities, and purposes. On a premium hot tub, you can find anything from calf massagers, to hand massagers, to jets that strike your shoulders and back at a variety of different points and angles.

The nice thing about aboveground hot tubs, is you don't have to worry about choosing appropriate pumps and filters. Those things are included with your new hot tub. Portable hot tubs usually use cartridge filters which are quite easy to clean and change.

Aboveground hot tubs are fairly simple to install, though the larger models will require 50-amp, 220-volt service. Safety regulations usually require this line be buried 18" deep on its way to the tub. An enterprising do-it-yourselfer could handle it, but you may want to hire an electrician for convenience's sake.

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