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In-ground Spas vs. Aboveground Hot Tubs Conclusion

Aboveground hot tubs are much easier to install than in-ground spas. They are not as customizable, but there are still a number of different sizes and styles of hot tubs to choose from.

If you are building a swimming pool anyway, an in-ground spa is a relatively simple addition, but if you just want a hot tub, it's usually less work all around to go with a portable hot tub. They do not require any digging, and though they may not look as elegant as a custom-designed in-ground model, hot tubs can make a nice addition to any backyard. You may consider building a deck around your aboveground hot tub to make it feel more like an in-ground spa (just make sure you can still get to the access panels when it's time to drain it).

In the end, both in-ground spas and aboveground hot tubs feel good on your muscles after a hard day's work.

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