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In-Ground Spas vs. Aboveground Hot Tubs

In-ground Spas

In-ground spas are custom-built to sport a variety of shapes and sizes. As the name implies, they are sunk into the ground. Many homeowners prefer the low-profile look of the in-ground spa versus the clunkier appearance of a portable hot tubs.

With in-ground spas, the plumbing is underground. Many owners choose to install in-ground spas at the same time as they are building a backyard swimming pool. Digging up the yard can be daunting prospect just to add a spa. Usually, these spas are located close to or attached to the pool. They may come in acrylic, thermoplastic, fiberglass, or stainless steel varieties. Finishes can range from smooth coatings to ceramic tiles.

Though in-ground spas allow the owner more choice in design, they are certainly more work to install than a portable hot tub. In-ground spas mean excavation and trenching, and any parts that may require maintenance over the years may be more difficult to access in an in-ground spa.

If you decide to put in a swimming pool and in-ground spa together, you may be considering having them share a filtration system and heater. If so, you'll need to ensure the circulation system is sufficient to handle the needs of both pool and spa. Spas and pools have different heat and sanitation requirements, so separate circulation systems may be the way to go to ensure good water quality for both.

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