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About Natural Pools

Natural pools, or fish ponds, are the most popular and most basic water feature that people install. They are built in the ground, and the water is contained by liners which can be made from flexible or rigid material. Rigid pond liners come in predetermined shapes and sizes while flexible liners can be molded to your specifications. Flexible liners are more susceptible to punctures and therefore leaks. Rigid liners are more durable. Though you can't shape rigid liners to your wishes, they are designed to look natural and come in many styles to choose from.

Natural pools can be a couple of feet in width, or they can sweep across your entire yard. Clean water is maintained by means of a submersible pump. Small waterfalls or fountains within a natural pool can disguise the sound of the pump.

As the name implies, natural pools have informal layouts and are designed to appear like they are naturally occurring. They are among the simplest water features to install, though you will still have quite a bit of digging to do, especially with larger natural pools.

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