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Freestanding Outdoor Kitchens vs. Outdoor Kitchens Attached to the Home

Outdoor kitchens can either be attached to your home or built as an island somewhere else in your yard (poolside bars or kitchens are popular choices). Obviously, you'll need to decide where you want your outdoor kitchen early on. Here are some pros and cons for each option:

Freestanding Outdoor Kitchens

  • Usually involves more work since you need to build a complete foundation and install fixtures.
  • Needs more weatherproofing since it will be more exposed to the elements.
  • Utility connections require more work.


  • Freestanding outdoor kitchens offer more choices for design, location, and the total area it can take up.
  • Can enhance already existing, detached outdoor entertaining areas such as swimming pools and hot tubs by providing easy access.

Outdoor Kitchens Attached to the Home


  • Doesn't have as much outdoor ambiance as a detached kitchen.
  • May be farther from the activity if you already have a swimming pool that you use for entertaining.
  • Needs a powered vent for blowing grill smoke away from the indoors.


  • Generally cheaper to build since the utility connections are closer or already at hand.
  • The walls and roof of the house already add some shelter from the wind and other elements.
  • Convenient to the main kitchen (if located close)

Whether you choose a freestanding outdoor kitchen or one attached to the house, there are a couple other things to keep in mind as well. You'll want to plan for good traffic flow (easy access to the house and other entertaining areas). It keeps thing cheaper if you can find a spot that is close to utility connections such as electric, gas, and water. Level terrain makes it less work to lay or extend a foundation. Also, don't forget to think of the views you may be blocking from the main house by building your outdoor kitchen.

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