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Outdoor showers make a great addition to the backyard whenever you have a pool or nearby beach access. It's nice to be able to wash off sand, dirt, and grass clippings before tracking it into the house. Or maybe you just live in a warm climate and like the idea of showering alfresco in the morning, just you and the birds and the sunrise. Whatever your reasons, there are a few things to consider when planning an outdoor shower.

Just the Basics

If you want to save money, your outdoor shower can be quite simple. Exposed plumbing can add to the rustic outdoorsy ambience, and it means you can avoid many of the pricey finishing costs associated with building self-contained indoor showers. If you build your outdoor shower against a wall of your house, you may be able to tap right into existing water lines to save money and cut down on the length of time it takes hot water to reach the shower head.

You'll need to think of drainage even with a simple outdoor shower. You can tap into the house's sewer line or build a dry well beneath your shower. A dry well is a deep pit filled with gravel where the water can sink in and eventually evaporate.

Privacy with Outdoor Showers

If you're planning to do more than quick rinses in your outdoor shower, you may want to consider adding elements that allow your bathers some privacy. (Unless you're a Hollywood model, your neighbors will probably appreciate the effort as well.) The obvious choice is to build a partial or full enclosure, but you can also provide screening with such additions as washable curtains, existing fences and walls, or dense foliage.

Outdoor Showers: Floor Surfaces

As with indoor showers, outdoor showers should have non-slip flooring. Some options are textured stones, rot-resistant decking, concrete, or unglazed tile. 

Simple Add-Ons

Beyond the basic shower, you may also want to consider a few add-ons for user convenience. Hooks to hang towels are helpful, as well as shelves for soap, glasses, or other knick knacks. Benches allow you to shower at your leisure, and a shaving mirror is a nice touch if you think you'll use the outdoor shower often.

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Source: Pool Idea Book

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