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10 Benefits of Hot Tub/Spa Ownership

1. Easing Tension--A hot tub's warm water eases muscle tension and creates greater flexibility. You can stretch your muscles better in the water.

2. Massage & Relaxation--The warm water and pulsing jets help sooth muscles, encouraging your body to relax after a long day.

3. Family Get Togethers--Although some of today's spas come with pop-up televisions, most people prefer to keep it simple, encouraging conversation. The allure of a hot tub is often enough to get those couch potatoes away from the television or computer.

4. Romance--Whether you're still looking to start a family or just need a romantic get-a-way spot, hot tubs are conducive to late night connecting (on more than one level).

5. Entertaining--A deck and a barbecue may be nice, but if you get a hot tub big enough for a crowd, you'll be surprised how fast your place becomes the house to hang out at. 

6. Reading--The hot tub can be a great place to read without interruption. The burble of the jets tends to block out sounds like traffic or ringing phones that might otherwise distract you.

7. Makes Getting Up Easier--If you're not a morning person and can barely drag yourself to the shower when the alarm goes off, you might find the day a little easier to get into if you just saunter into the hot tub with a cup of coffee before getting started. The sound of the birds in the backyard can turn your morning outtings into a valued time.

8. Relieves Sports or Arthritis Soreness--Whether you did a hard day at the gym or your hands are just stiff, a soak in the warm pulsating water can increase the blood supply to your joints which relieves pain.

9. Privacy--Sure, you can use the hot tub at the gym, but then you have to share it with that talky sweaty hairy guy who (you noticed) didn't take a shower before getting in. At home, it's just you and your loved ones. Or if it's just you, no need to bother with a swim suit (as long as the neighbor's don't have binoculars). 

10. Increase Home Value--You're not the only one who has thought about the pleasure of owning a hot tub; hot tubs can raise the value of your home and woo prospective buyers.

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