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Water Gardens/Pond Care Tips

Whether you already own a water garden or pond, or you're thinking of installing one and want to know what kind of care ponds require, these tips should help you keep it healthy all year round.

Spring Pond Care Tips

Clean the pond.
Add water if the water level has dropped.
As fish come out of winter dormancy, they should have food that is low in protein.

Summer Pond Care Tips

Skim any debris off the pond's surface.
Add water, if needed.
Fertilize your pond plants.
Strip dead leaves from water plants.
Check submerged pumps for blockages.
Switch to a high-protein fish food, feeding your fish once daily, an amount that they can consume in 3-5 minutes.
Test your pond water's ammonia and nitrate levels.

Autumn Pond Care Tips

Clean out the leaves that fall to keep them from decomposing in your pond.
Continue feeding fish once a day.
Remove dead leaves from pond plants.
Fertilize plants.

Winter Pond Care Tips

Turn off or remove pumps and filters.
Clean the biological filter if you have one. Drain it, leaving the drainage valve open.
Remove annual and/or tropical plants.
Cut back hardy pond plants.
Keep at least part of the pond free of ice through the winter, allowing oxygen to reach the water.
Stop feedings if the water temperature drops below 50.

Source: The Everything Landscaping Book

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