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Effective Use of Pond Lighting

You may already have a backyard pond or maybe you're thinking of building one. Proper pond lighting can really show off the magnificence of your water garden if it's tucked into the correct places. Lighting adds depth and more dimension to ponds and is as important to consider as the rocks, plants, and wildlife you carefully choose to add to your pond. There are many different colors and effects available, but because each pond is different--a creation unique to your home--the pond lighting possibilities are endless. Listed below are just a few ideas, some popular and some not so common, to get you thinking about what sort of lighting you want to add to enhance your pond:

Exterior Pond Lighting
  • Shrubs and trees around the pond are always an option.
  • Use lighting along walkways leading too and from the pond.
  • Adjacent waterfalls and fountains, if you have them, create a rippling glistening effect.
  • Lighting around the pond perimeter is a must; you can train the lights to shine into the water, thus creating a warm glow on the pond's surface. Not only does this illuminate the pond, but it silhouettes water lilies and bounces off the bodies of fish to make them visible at night.
Inside the Pond Lighting
  • You can use lighting on the pond floor; a central light is nice, but also consider brightening up your prize spots--a handsome plant or sculpture.
  • Fiber optic tubing and/or LED lights on the inside perimeter is great for creating a relaxing mood and comes in numerous colors.
  • Lighting on the pond walls, aimed toward the center of the pond or at the bottom, can nicely highlight foliage on top of the pond.
Don't forget lighting isn't just about showing off a beautiful backyard pond or water garden; it's about safely lighting up your backyard at night, so don't forget to pay attention to paths and walkways. 

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Source: 2005 Annual Ponds USA 

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