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Swimming Pool Slides

A new slide can be a great way to spice up your backyard swimming pool. Prices range depending on whether you just order a slide kit or look for custom pool slides (custom slides can involve having a design professional come out to your house, check out your pool, then help you choose and install just the right slide). When looking for a slide, you'll have to make sure and differentiate between in-ground slides and above ground pool slides. Both styles are available but not interchangeable. It used to be hard to find slides for above ground pools, but the increased popularity of these pools is creating more demand. Today, there are plenty of slide styles to choose from both in-ground and above ground options.

Swimming Pool Slides: Cost

Inflatable slides are often used for above ground pools and are the cheapest slides, starting for as little as $30 and available online or at home centers. Permanent slides for in-ground pools will cost you more. If you get something that requires professional installation, expect to pay at least $700, but quality models can run into the several thousands.

Some Things to Consider When Shopping for a Pool Slide

Size and shape: The size and shape of your slide will depend on the age of the children who are going to use it. For younger kids, look for a "toddler slide." These are fairly low to the ground and have straight runs. For older kids who want more speed and more excitement, try taller slides with curves.

Space: Your slide choice may be somewhat limited by the available space on your deck. If you have a spacious deck, you can go with almost any type of slide. If you have more compact space available, look for curved slides; these don't take up as much room as straight slides.

Safety issues: In order to ensure children (and ambitious adults) are safe on your pool slide, make sure it includes a sturdy ladder, a safety rail, and nonslip steps. It's a good idea to have a professional install the slide to make sure the landing area in the water is deep enough and far enough away from walls or other obstacles. Once you have the slide installed, teach your kids to go down it feet-first. Headfirst slides can lead to injuries.

Pool Slides Available Online:

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Source: "Slide on in" from the spring 2005 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Garden, Deck, & Landscape

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