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Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Waterfalls can be installed either when you originally build your swimming pool or later as an addition. Many people choose to build a pool in stages for financial reasons, so it's common to add a water feature like a fountain or a waterfall down the road. Both waterfalls and ponds are popular, not only for the ambiance of moving water, but because the soft tinkle can drown out sounds from the street or other yards. 

There are numerous styles of waterfalls out there to choose from. Straight angles, as with a stream of water flowing over a slab of cut marble or formed concrete, lend a modernistic look to the pool while water trickling over worn-looking rocks and boulders can offer a natural appearance. 

While most water features will require the help of a professional (adding them to an existing pool can be more complicated than creating one from scratch), you can often save money because you already have water and electricity in the area, used to power the pool equipment.  

You want to plan for a waterfall that complements your pool's design and suits your budget. In the past, such water features usually involved calling in a designer, but today many kits are available.

Here are links to a few swimming pool waterfalls from around the Internet (many are designed to be put together by the DIY homeowner):



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