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 Design Ideas for Decks

Design Ideas for Decks is a handsome book by the people at Creative Homeowner. It features colorful photographs on every page showing a wide variety of decks. Just browsing through it can give you ideas for your own deck. Accompanying text explains the designs. I must warn you, however, that Design Ideas for Decks is not a step-by-step instruction guide on how to build decks. For that, you might want to try Decks 1-2-3. This book is a good resource for people who are thinking of building a deck, but haven't quite decided on the size or design yet.

Design Ideas for Decks is a glossy 12 by 9 in. paperback with approximately 125 pages. The cover price is $12.95. The book is broken up into the following sections:

Design Guide

This chapter mentions a few things you should think about when you're designing your deck. For example, you will want to consider size (something too small might not service your family's needs while something too large might significantly cut into your yard space). Lighting, sun, wind, and privacy are also discussed.

Special Features

If you already have a deck and are looking for ways to perk it up, this chapter may be of particular interest. Included are ways to create visual interest overhead, tips for creating private retreats, and suggestions for planters and benches.

Ground-level Decks

If you have a one-story house, you're probably thinking of installing a ground-level deck. Some people may think these kind of decks are not as interesting as raised decks, but offers a number of ideas complemented by photographs that show several good-looking and interesting ground-level decks.

Raised Decks

This chapter shows a number of possibilities for decks extending from the second story of a house or over a decline. Like the previous chapter, it offers a number of full-color pictures with tips and descriptions.

Multilevel Decks

If your house is structured correctly, and you can afford it, multilevel decks can look quite stunning. Included are a number of elegant examples from cabins in the woods to hillside houses overlooking the water.

Multifunction Decks

This last chapter gives you ideas on how to create deck areas that will be frequently used for entertaining, that will house a greenhouse, or that may include a hot tub or spa.

Design Ideas for Decks may not be a do-it-yourself instruction guide, but it's definitely look worth looking into before you start to build as it will give you a number of ideas.

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