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Outdoor Woodwork 16 Easy-to-Build Projects for Your Yard & Garden

Outdoor Woodwork is a large paperback with glossy cover, about 130 pages. Inside, there are a number of full-page photographs and smaller photographs that show the projects in various stages, complemented by colored pencil sketches of materials and designs.

Outdoor Woodwork is divided into two sections. The first smaller section discusses techniques for woodworking and gives an introduction to the needed tools and materials, styles and projects. The second section, which makes up the bulk of the book, is about the projects. There are total of 16 woodworking projects, all appropriate additions to a backyard:

Tiered Patio Planter
Folding Screen
Picket Fence
Picket Gate
Multi-shaped Decking
Decorative Picnic Table
Classic Arbor
Wheeled Bench
Romantic Arch
Corner Patio Planter
Potting Table
Rabbit Hutch
Classic Pergola
Victorian Tool Shed
Children's Playhouse

Each project is about six pages long with step-by-step walk-throughs. They are fairly detailed and should provide enough information to get the do-it-yourselfer through the purchase of materials and the construction. Each section has a description of the project, a list of materials and tools that are needed, a time estimate, and a useful tip. After that, the step-by-step construction begins.

Notable projects (for sharp look and functionality) are the wheeled bench (reminiscent of a wheelbarrow, it seats two and sports armrests and a small table in between the seats), the decorative picnic table (a useful addition for family picnics or just sitting outdoors--the "decorative" aspect makes it more handsome than your standard campground picnic table), and the tiered patio planter (a handsome wood structure with three levels for supporting potted plants or flowers--much nicer than putting your plants on the railings of your deck where they can fall off).

The downside of Outdoor Woodwork is that it is very project specific. If these particular projects don't sound interesting to you, you'd probably be better off picking up a different book. However, if one or two of the projects sound like something you'd like to add to your backyard, Outdoor Woodwork would be a good buy.

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