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The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual

The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual is pretty much what it sounds like. At close to 700 pages, this book has everything. It is recommended not only as a reference manual for the home swimming pool owner but also as a guide for professionals working in the pool and spa industry. If you are thinking of building a swimming pool of your own, or getting started in the swimming pool business, this book includes virtually everything you'll need to know.

That said, The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual is not the most exciting read. Like other technical manuals, it is very dense and strictly black-and-white with diagrams and occasional photographs. If you want a less technical read or a simple introduction to backyard swimming pools and hot tubs, Pools & Spas might be a better starting point. However, if you do decide to become a pool owner, The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual is a good reference book to have on your shelf.

Chapters are broken up as follows:

The Pool and Spa

An introduction to swimming pools and hot tubs that covers types of pools and spas, and pool and spa design and construction.

Basic Plumbing Systems

Plumbing that you will find in and around the pool and hot tub, including PVC plumbing, copper plumbing, and galvanized plumbing.

Advanced Plumbing Systems

More in-depth information on pool plumbing such as manual and motorized three-port valves, reverse flow and heater plumbing, gate and ball valves, and water level controls. Solar heating systems are also covered in this chapter.

Pumps and Motors

More than 60 pages on swimming pool pumps and motors including information on maintenance and repairs, types of motors, models and makes, and motor characteristics.


Swimming pool and hot tub filters are discussed, diatomaceous earth filters, sand filters, cartridge filters, their repairs and maintenance, and various makes and models.


An introduction to all types of pool heaters such as gas-fueled heaters, electric-fueled heaters, solar-fueled heaters, heat pumps, and oil-fueled heaters. Installation, repairs, and maintenance of the numerous filters is discussed.

Additional Equipment

This chapter covers everything from remote controls and time clocks to diving boards, safety equipment, and automatic pool cleaners.

Water Chemistry

60 pages covering everything you will ever need to know about balancing chemicals in your swimming pool and hot tub. Includes information on problems such as algae, scale deposits, cloudy water, and corrosion.

Cleaning and Servicing

This section talks about the various measures that can be taken to keep your swimming pool clean. Information on cleaning hot tubs and water gardens is also included.

Special Procedures

What to do when it's time to drain a pool, repair a leak, break in plaster, or remodel.

Spas, Hot Tubs, and Water Features

A hefty chapter that features hot tubs and water gardens specifically. In the spas section materials, installation, repairs, special equipment, and cleaning and maintenance are covered. The water features section discusses various fountains, koi ponds, rockscapes, and wading pools.

Commercial Pools

Volume calculations, bather loads, commercial equipment, and operational requirements. Not too interesting for the home pool owner, but necessary information for anybody working with commercial pools.


A short chapter that discusses how to care for your swimming pool in temperate and cold climates.

Basic Electricity

How to handle such things as installing lights in and around your swimming pool. Basic electrical theory is covered, followed by things such as safety, wiring, and circuit breakers.

The Toolbox

This short chapter informs about the various tools required for pool repairs and maintenance.

50 Things Your Pool or Spa Can Do for Our Environment

This final chapter discusses pool chemicals and their relationship to the environment, energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, and miscellaneous other things you can do to keep the chemicals from your pool or hot tub from damaging the ecosystem.

Four appendixes include such things as typical pool and spa health, safety, and building codes, meter reading, resources, and a labor reference guide.

As you can see from this short break down, The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual a very comprehensive book. It's definitely a good resource to keep even if you are just a backyard swimming pool owner. The troubleshooting sections are quite helpful for pool and hot tub problems that come up.

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