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Waterfalls and Fountains

Waterfalls and Fountains is a fairly small book, coming in at about 65 pages though it does have a number of handsome full-color photographs of various backyard waterfalls and fountains.

Waterfalls and Fountains focuses primarily on fountains and various waterfalls such as cascades and staircases, canals and rills. There is a short section on streams, but if you are interested in building a water garden from scratch, you would probably be better served checking out a book such as All about Building Waterfalls, Pools, and Streams.

Sections of Waterfalls and Fountains include:

Natural waterfalls, formal waterfalls, canals and rills, cascades and staircases, streams and brooks, waterside features, ornamental fountains, fountain spray effects, wall fountains and grottos, self-contained fountain features, basic design and construction, options and materials, pumps and filters, header pools and reservoirs, a waterfall from preformed units, making a waterfall using liner, making a canal or rill, making a stream, making a poolside feature, fountain spray patterns, installing a pond fountain, making a wall fountain, making a self-contained pond fountain, making a pot fountain, building a fountain tree, plants and fish, general maintenance, maintaining hygiene and winter care.

As you can probably guess, each section is rather short, taking up two pages. Waterfalls and Fountains is not a bad introductory book, and will definitely give you some ideas on how to get started installing a waterfall or fountain, but for a true do-it-yourself walk-through book, you should probably look for something a little thicker and more in-depth.

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