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Automatic Spa Chemical Distribution Systems for Your Hot Tub

Managing spa chemicals can be tedious. It may not take that much time, but it can be a pain to remember to check the chemical levels as often as you're supposed to. Today's technology is changing that, however. Newer models of hot tubs are coming out with sanitizing systems that release spa chemicals without human intervention. Right now, there are two basic types of automatic sanitation control:

The first type releases a certain amount of spa chemicals into the water at set intervals. This type of system is generally cheaper, but it does not measure the actual pH or chlorine/bromine in the water, rather it adds chemicals when the time comes no matter what. This can still cut down quite a bit on the amount of time the owner needs to spend monitoring and adding chemicals.

The other type of automatic sanitation control system is computerized and is more comprehensive. It actually monitors the amount of bacteria present in the water and adds appropriate amounts of chemicals based on the measurements. Hot tubs with computerized sanitation dispensers often have other maintenance perks such as floor vacuums that work with skimmers to remove debris.

While both types of automatic hot tub chemical dispensing systems can cut down on maintenance chores for owners, they both have one drawback. They work best when your hot tub use is fairly consistent (about the same number of people and same amount of usage per week). Big parties or lulls with little use can make it hard for the systems to compensate. The computerized systems, however, are much better at keeping the levels even, since they are programmed to measure the water before dispensing spa chemicals.

Source: "Presto, Change-O Hot Tubs Goes High Tech" from the May 2005 issue of Pool & Spa Living

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