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Swimming is a great aerobic activity and often recommended by doctors because it's no-impact nature makes it easy on the joints. Maybe you've considered installing a lap pool, but you just don't have enough room. A swim spa may be the more space-efficient economical solution you need.

The average swim spa runs between 13 1/2 and 15 ft. long and about half that in width. An offshoot of the hot tub and spa industry, a swim spa basically looks like an elongated version of a regular in-ground spa.

The difference between a regular spa and a swim spa is in the placement and the strength of the jets. In swim spas, countercurrent jets push the water against the swimmer, as opposed to the hydrojets used for gently massaging muscles in a regular spa. The result is the same concept as a treadmill. You swim in place. The jets can be adjusted to accommodate swimmers of various speeds.

The temperature in swim spas is cooler than in regular spas (otherwise you would quickly grow too hot to work out), but it's possible to get models that double as a hot tub. In these, you simply raise the temperature and turn on regular hydrojets when you want to convert to hot tub mode.

You can also get swim spa models that have removable partitions. They allow you to keep one end of the spa hot while the other end remains at a comfortable swimming temperature.

Swim spas can be installed indoors or outdoors, above the ground or inground. They are usually about 3 ft. deep, though it is possible to buy deeper models for people who like to do water aerobics or other deep water exercises. Depending on the model, you may be able to handle installation yourself. If not, professionals are available to help you.

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