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You may be thinking of building a backyard swimming pool, and you're starting to explore the types of cleaning systems available. Or maybe you already have a pool, and your current cleaning system isn't up to snuff. Maintenance certainly isn't the most enjoyable part of being a pool owner, but today's technology is offering solutions that make it much easier than it used to be. Let's take a look at what kind of pool cleaners are out there.


Aquatic vacuums are the most popular types of swimming pool cleaners. They come in both manual (you maneuver it around by hand) and automatic versions (they rumble along the bottom of the pool of their own accord). Pool vacuums are connected to the intake valve of the skimmer basket. They piggyback off the pool's suction and filtration systems. If you have an aboveground swimming pool (and therefore no skimmer baskets for the vacuums to attach to), you can get a battery-powered vacuum unit that is self-contained. These vacuums have their own filters, pumps, and motors.


Sweeps connect to an inlet in the pool. They have long tails that whip around the pool and dislodge debris so it can be caught by the drains. There are also sweeps that catch the foreign matter and store it in an interior compartment that needs to be emptied periodically.

In-Floor Systems

In-floor systems are the ultimate in swimming pool maintenance. These automatic vacuum systems need to be installed during the initial pool construction phase, so it pays to plan ahead. They run between $3000 and $5,000. In-floor systems work via underwater jets that, when turned on, pop out of the floor of the pool, and use a high-pressure current to push water and debris along the bottom to the pool's drains. 

Source: Sunset's Swimming Pools and Spas

Today, as with most things, you can buy pool cleaners online (sometimes minus tax if you buy from out of state). Examples include:

Dolphin Diagnostic In-Ground Auto Pool Cleaner
Baracuda Zoom Above Ground Pool Cleaner
AquaBot Solo Turbo Remote Control Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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