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Adding a Swimming Pool Fountain

Pool fountains are a great way to add ambience to a backyard swimming pool. Best of all, they are the easiest of all water features to add to an already existing pool. This is because you already have the essentials in place (you can piggyback off the pool's pumps and you already have nearby electricity that is being used to power the pool's equipment).

You can have someone come in and custom build a pool fountain for you, you can build your own, or you can also find pre-built fountains from places like Home Depot or your local garden shop. You don't necessarily have to buy fountains specifically advertised as "pool fountains." Just about anything with the ability to spout water will work. If you're thinking about making your own, something as simple as potting container with a hole drilled in it can work.

Whatever you choose to use as a fountain, you need to consider placement. Pool fountains generally fall into three categories:
  • Fountains mounted on the walls above the pool that spill water in
  • Fountains perched on or under the coping that squirt water at the pool
  • Fountainheads actually installed in the pool itself that shoot water up

Although you don't need to spend a lot on the actual fountain, and you can even fashion it yourself, you'll probably need a the help of a contractor to install it, no matter which of the three options you choose. If you just want the ambiance of a fountain without the hassle of hiring someone, you might also consider getting a self-contained fountain. You can find them in both freestanding and wall-mounted options.

Self-contained fountains available online:
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