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Backyard Swimming Pool Doubles as Ice Skating Rink

Maybe you've heard of people turning their swimming pools into ice skating rinks in the winter, but you weren't sure if it was just a myth or if true whether it was a very smart thing to do. According to Sunset's Swimming Pools and Spas, you actually can allow your swimming pool to freeze over in the winter and use it as a skating rink. If you live in a climate that sees a couple months of below freezing temperatures, you're an ideal candidate. 

In order to transform your pool into a rink in the winter, you'll need to winterize your pool (use an air compressor to clear the water out of the pipes at the end of the swimming season and drain as much water as possible from the filter and heater), then drain the water level to about 18 inches beneath the coping. When the cold water comes "float a large vinyl liner on the water that extends onto the deck for about 2 to 3 feet and hold it in place with water-filled plastic jugs or sandbags. Fill the liner with water to a depth of at least 4 inches and allow it to freeze solid" (pg. 199). According to the book, the four inches of ice won't hurt your pool at all, but works great for making a backyard ice skating rink.


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