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Total Dissolved Solids

Even though you've been following a pool maintenance plan, the water in your pool or hot tub may eventually become murky. 

Total dissolved solids, or TDS, means just about everything that you might put into the water. This includes perfumes, lotions, deodorants, and other things bathers may carry into the water on their bodies, but it also means the chemicals you use to keep the water clear and clean. Even though these chemicals are important to proper sanitation, the pool or hot tub can only hold so many extras before it becomes noticeable in the form of murky or cloudy water. Evaporation also contributes to the increased accumulation of total dissolved solids (water evaporates but the denser matter remains).

If you bought a test kit that allows you to test for total dissolved solids, you should look at draining and refilling the pool when the TDS levels reach about 2500 parts per million. Even if the water isn't cloudy yet, you should change it, because high levels of total dissolved solids cause sanitation chemicals to be less effective.

Source: Pools & Spas

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