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Working with Treated Lumber

Many building codes require treated lumber for home building projects. Some treated wood still contains toxic ingredients despite a movement toward safer products in recent years. Because of this, you should be careful working with treated lumber. The following precautions will help you remain safe while working on your next project:
  • Don't use treated wood that has a visible residue on the surface.
  • Only use treated lumber when the added protection is needed such as with joists, beams, and posts.
  • Promptly sweep up and dispose of sawdust created by the use of treated lumber.
  • Don't burn or recycle the wood; instead throw the remains in the regular trash.
  • At least once every two years, seal projects done with treated lumber with a water repellant. 
  • Wear a dust mask, gloves, and protective eyewear when working with treated wood.

Source: Building Screened Rooms

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