The Ultimate Backyard

If you're anything like me, your backyard isn't nearly as cool as you wish it was. You love the idea of doing some entertaining or just having a place fit for relaxation, but right now it might not be up to snuff. I've put together a dream list of luxurious but affordable backyard toys that can be purchased from various shops around the 'net. 

The Outdoor Fireplace -- Outdoor fireplaces create warmth and atmosphere as well as extending the outdoor entertaining into the cooler months.

Portable Outdoor Fireplace

Solar-Powered Floating Lights The Lighting -- Lighting is an important safety feature, plus it can highlight your backyard at night, creating great ambiance. 

The Water Garden -- Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains... they're all easier than ever to add to your yard.


Myrtle Beach 12´ x 24´ Oval Pool Only

The Swimming Pool -- A real pool costs tens of thousands of dollars to install; aboveground pools make cost-effective alternatives.

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