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Why Video Surveillance Cameras for the Backyard Pool Make Sense

Congratulations, you bought a house with a swimming pool (or maybe you're thinking of installing one). But what about the kids? Even if your children are good swimmers, they should have adult supervision because accidents can happen in the backyard pool. If your children had their way, they would probably be out there 12 hours a day throughout the summer. You might not mind supervising them for an hour or two, but you probably don't have as much time to spend at the poolside (oh, to be young again...). One or more video surveillance cameras could be the solution to your problem.

A home surveillance camera can be set up so that you can watch the backyard and swimming pool from within your house. You'll want to make sure and buy a camera that is rated for outdoor use (a.k.a. weather and waterproof) and that is equipped with night vision (if you think the kids will be out there after dark). A professional home systems installer (or a handy do-it-yourselfer) can set things up so the video camera is connected to your cable TV system. This allows you to tune into what's going on outside from any TV in your home. That way you can be working in the kitchen or your home office and still keep an eye on the kids in the swimming pool.

Depending on the size of your swimming pool and the layout of your yard, you may need to install more than one surveillance camera. You want to make sure you have the whole area covered. You may even extend the coverage to include your entire yard (i.e. one camera watching the pool, another at your garage or back door, and another at any exterior gates leading into the yard from the street) so the system could be not only a way of watching your children but also a home security system for keeping an eye on potential intruders (sometimes, just seeing a camera can be a deterrent to a burglar because it suggests you may have a solid internal security system).

But back to the swimming pool. Now that you have a way of watching the children while you are at home, you should also consider a pool alarm that sounds a warning if somebody tries to enter unannounced. Fences with locks are also a good idea to keep out neighborhood children that might get in and into trouble while you are away. In some areas, pool alarms and locks are required (though they are a good idea everywhere). 

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