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Water Gardens: How Much Do They Cost?

Have you been thinking about adding a water garden to your backyard? Maybe, you're wondering how much that sort of thing costs. A lot depends on how fancy you want to get, but below you will find some estimates for the most basic water gardens. Keep in mind, these estimates do not include labor or prices for maintenance required after the initial installation of your garden.

(Source for list of materials and cost estimates: All about Waterfalls, Pools, and Streams)

Simple Water Garden

1 pond liner, rubber, 15 X. 20 ft.
1 geotextile underlayment
2 to 3 tons of sand
5 bags mortar ready-mix
1 ton of washed gravel
1 1/2 tons of river rock
3 potted water lilies
10 potted marginal plants such as cattail, rush, papyrus, and cardinal flower
36 bunches of submerged plants such as anacharis and cabomba
20 black Japanese snails
6 Goldfish

Approximate cost estimate: $1500-$2000


1 EPDM rubber liner, 15 by 20 ft.
geotextile underlayment (optional)
12 ft. of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe
elbow fitting
hose sitting
PVC sealant
1 ton of sand
1 ton of gravel
rock for the edging
one bale of peat moss
immersible containers (optional)
plants: salix lanata, iris pseudacorus, caltha palustris, etc.

Approximate cost estimate: $550-$800


1 EPDM rubber liner, 5 by 45 ft.
2 EPDM rubber liners, 10 by 15 ft.
geotextile underlayment
2 tons of sand
1 ton of washed gravel
2 tons of river rock
4000 gph pump
70 ft. of 2-inch PVC pipe; 30 ft. of 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe
fittings: 12-inch PVC T-fitting; two 2-inch x 1 -inch PVC reducers; two gate valves; PVC elbows as needed; connector to pump (this varies with the pump)
PVC glue
UV clarifier

Approximate cost estimate: $3500-$5000

Raised Pond with Waterfall

1 EPDM rubber liner, 20 by 20 ft.
1 EPDM rubber liner, 10 by 15 ft.
70 ft. of flagstone
3 tons of fieldstone
5 hearty water lilies
15 irises
6 rushes
4 decorative stone or metal frogs
12 comet Goldfish
50 bunches of submerged plants
50 black Japanese snails

Approximate cost estimate: $12000-$18000


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