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Successful Lighting in Your Water Garden

If you're going through the cost and effort of installing a water garden, you want to make sure everybody can appreciate it. Here are some tips to maximize lighting efficiency:

When you install ground lighting, make sure it shines away from people's eyes. Avoid pointing lights directly at the water's surface as this causes glare.

Path lights should focus on the path or nearby plants.

Install underwater lights below a fountain or waterfall. Tilt the light up so it shines in the same direction as the water's motion. This will create a cool effect by highlighting the water.

Install lighting before you do your final landscaping such as adding gravel or laying sod.

Highlight special features, such as interesting plants, in your water garden by spotlighting them from the side.

Clean the lenses on your underwater lights periodically.

Typically, low-voltage lighting is preferable in small gardens. In larger areas, or where safety or security is a concern, standard-voltage lighting may be necessary.

Source: All about Building Waterfalls, Pools, and Streams


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