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How to Winterize Your Hot Tub or Spa

Many people choose to use their hot tubs year around, even in cold climates, however if you do not plan to use your spa for a while and you live somewhere that temperatures drop below freezing, you should take some precautions in order to winterize your hot tub. Below are some common winterizing procedures:
  • Insulate your spa's shell, cover, and support equipment; if your spa is kept running, make sure the equipment is properly ventilated.
  • Keep your hot tub filled with water and above 70F degrees, or you can drain it halfway and keep the circulation system running continuously in order to prevent freezing.
  • Lower the water level until the pipes are drained or add antifreeze to the pipes.
  • Remove the pumps and filter cartridges. Clean them off and store them indoors someplace warm.

Since winterizing techniques vary a bit from region to region it's a good idea to also check with your dealer and find out what's right for your hot tub.

Source: Pool & Spa Planner (Better Homes and Gardens)

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